samedi 30 juin 2012

Gosford Art Residency

A week ago just before catching my bad flue (that is finally gone) I went to buy some groceries with my fiancé’ at Gosford’s (that is where I currently live) shopping  Centre. If you are familiar with the area you can imagine my immense surprise when passing by one of the shop I discovered that an art residency was going on! OMG That was so cool! Plus we were lucky enough to be able to talk with two of the artists in residency : Kylie Rose McLean, Janet Mean who are absolutely fantastic people and great artists.

The residency just finished (I ve just realised that...time does pass too quick), Kylie was recolting pieces of fabric and recording theyr history from people passing by, she will then transform the donated fabric into an installation of textile panels that encapsulate the personal stories, histories and memories of local residents.
And Janet was ironing and folding she will be encouraging people to bring in shirts and sheets that need ironing. They will watch her as she irons their clothes and engage in conversation about the service she is providing. How cool is that?
If you want to read more about Janet and Kylie or discover the other two artist in residence projects click here
If you are from the area and you missed out I invite you to go and see the final result whic  will be exhibited at the Gosford Regional Gallery from 21st July to 16th September, 2012.
I will certanily go!
If not you can follow part of Kylie  project virtually  
Have a lovely sunday

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