mercredi 28 mars 2012

Inspiring story of courage - Etsy seller - expressive beauty

Today Etsy seller interview will be dedicated to an inspiring story of courage and creativity with Tiffany from Expressive Beauty.

Tell us a little about yourself
A bit about me...well for starters I am a disabled stay at home mom with an Associates degree in Pyschology. I was diagnosed a few years ago with post traumatic stress disorder which stems from the abuse I went through as a child and young adult. As if this wasn't bad enough, I also developed a condition called fibromyalgia a year ago. For those of you who don't know what fibromyalgia is, it's a very painful condition that affects the nerves and muscles. I have dedicated my life to using my experiences to help others cope with what has or is happening to them. After being diagnosed with these disorders I began looking for a way to have purpose in my life again. Christmas of 2010 my husband and I bought my daughter her own jewelry making kit. My sister then made herself a pair of earrings. It was at that moment I knew what I could do. I began making jewelry to sell to women in order to make them feel better about themselves. I believe that every woman should feel beautiful no matter what is going on in their lives. Jewelry has a special way of doing that. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and growing as a jewelry designer and look forward to learning so much more. If anyone has any questions about my life or my jewelry please feel free to contact me on Etsy  or on Facebook 

Tell us a ltlle about your Etsy shop

A bit about my etsy shop, jewelry, and work process...I provide handmade bridal and everyday jewelry designed from a variety of materials. I especially love working with pearls and crystals. They are so beautiful and really bring out the beauty in any jewelry piece. I have a large selection from colorful focal pieces to elegant bridal pieces. I also do custom work for anyone who is looking for something special that you can't find anywhere else. I provide free shipping on all orders over $10 to make my jewelry just that much more affordable. 

Tell us about your work process

As far as my work process goes, well it's kind of all over the place, lol. I design when I'm not busy with my husband and three beautiful children. My thought process varies from finding inspiration in other pieces to creating something unique from inspiration around me. I use the best quality materials that I can afford to provide my customers with jewelry that will last a lifetime. 

Your latest project?

My recent the moment I am working on creating a new bridal line. I am using elegant pearls, crystals, and findings to design pieces that will bring out the beauty in the bride and her bridal party. To go along with my new bridal line I have also recruited a model for my jewelry. There are lots of exciting new changes in the works. I can't wait to reveal them all.

What would you be If not an artist?

this is an easy one :). I'd be a child psychologist so that I could council children of abuse and those with mental disabilities. I'd teach these children how to look past the things that have happened to them in order to be a stronger person. I would show them that sometimes bad things happen in order to give us a better perspective on life. I would use my experiences to teach them that we don't have to let these bad things overcome who we are but that we can use them to teach others how not to allow these things to happen to them.

Best Team Etsy - Spring Journey

Hello Hello,
As some of you may now I am currently on holliday visiting my family in Italy.
I could not have chosen a better time of the year as  Spring is in the air! And it is absoulutely amazing!
The cherry treas are in flower, the sky is blue and different tonalities of green surprise you everywhere you look.
So I ve decieded  dedicate this post to 3 pieces that remind of the colors of spring in italy : white (cherry trea flower) blu (the sky) and green (the nature).
And picked 3 amazing shops from Etsy Best Team Members.
First I ve dicovered this amazing Traditional Hawaiian Shell Vintage earring that you can find only at Redemption art boutique, they remind me so much of cherry blossom! Don't they?

For more details about this one of a kind earings and to discover more unique objects check out now Redemption Art . An Hawaii based seller that gets her inspiration from her surroundings, she says that  Hwaii is such a wonderful place for finding unique collectibles and curiosities. 
Then in my imaginary journey in the colours of spring I left Hawaii for Dakota where I ve discovered another unique shop:  AbsolutelyKismet.
They  offer an amazing choice of  wine glass charms, stitch markers,  hemp, beaded jewellery and much more.
I love each of their pieces but my favourite remains this turquoise bracelet that reminds me of the colour of the sky.

For more details please click here 

Last but not the least I ve discovered Irith from Riorita a gold and silversmith who sells unusual silver and gold jewellery. I love her shop description, Irith the shop owner says that her workshop is located in a small paradise not very far away from the Mediterranean. and that across her working table there is a glass door through which she can see the lawn with trees and sculptures. There are peacocks and geese walking about on that lawn and every once in a while they peep at me curiously through that glass door. What a beautiful way to live and work, isn't it?
I love all of her magical and special objects, but my favourite piece in her shop are this gorgeous pair of earings.

 For more details please click here 

Hope you enjoyed this virtual journey throughout  the colours of spring!
Have a nice day

lundi 26 mars 2012

From Australia with love - Etsy Seller Blue Jacaranda

Hello, Hello!
Here I am again hosting an interview about a great Etsy seller! 
I have recently discovered BluJacaranda  and I ve instantly fell in love with her artworks, so different elegant and cool!

         click here for more details 

Who is behind Blue Jacaranda?

My name is Linda Robertus. I am Dutch, but since 2007 I have been living with my family in Brisbane, Australia. In our first year here I fell in love with the jacaranda trees with their purple flowers. The 'blue' in Blue Jacaranda is a reference to my Dutch background (think Delft Blue) - although I later discovered that the tree is actually called 'Blue Jacaranda'!

I have been making art quilts since 2007 and often use silk screen printed images in my quilts. I enjoyed screen printing so much that I started to do it more and more, and this led to opening my shop, Blue Jacaranda. Here you can find my original designs screen printed on Art Cards, ACEOs (mini art cards) and t-shirts, and stretched on canvas. I also sell some other textile-based items: art quilts, children’s aprons, luggage and gift tags, chalk cloth placemats.

           click here for more details 

Tell us about your work process

When I have an idea for a new design I draw it on paper with a Sharpie and scan it into my computer. If I am happy with it, I have it made into a thermofax screen, which I use to screen print the design on fabric. I try to do a screen printing sessions about once a month and usually produce 40-50 prints in one session. They are stretched on canvas and made into Art Cards and ACEOs. I have recently started printing on t-shirts and am thinking about adding other items (onesies, pillow covers, linen bags…)
          click here for more details

Where do you get your ideas from? 

Inspiration is everywhere! My Dutch Houses design is obviously inspired by the architecture in my home country.  My children are a big source of inspiration – my oldest son is a talented gymnast and he has inspired a number of gymnastics quilts and prints. I discovered calligrams (word art drawings) in 2010 while surfing the internet. I tried to draw one myself and was immediately hooked. In the end I designed 26 to make an Alphabet Calligram Quilt for my youngest son!

My latest source of inspiration are used coffee sacks, which I have made into Burlap Coffee Cards, Bookmarks and a Beach Pillow. I love the recycling aspect and plan to add more upcycled items to my shop.

          click here for more details

Apart from creating things what do you do?

I’m quite busy… First of all, I am mama to three beautiful boys (9, 7 and 5 years old) and wife to a wonderful husband. I work part time as a data manager and am a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. My subject is tuberculosis (TB). In the Netherlands I was public health physician specialised in TB Control, but I’m not registered as a doctor in Australia yet. I’m hoping to make my art into a day job in years to come…

           click here for more details

You can discover more about Blu Jacaranda on her virtual shops:

Thank you!

vendredi 23 mars 2012

Interview of Etsy Seller Lucy from Liquid Silver Design


With my new years resolutions (made in march instead of january) I ve decided to: quit smoking (yes it is 3 weeks now and I feel so much better), learn to crochet, and last but not the least set up twice a week an interview of a special Etsy seller.

My first guest  is Lucy from Liquid Silver Design 

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Lucy, I'm 23 and live and work in the beautiful rural county of Suffolk in the UK. I have a full time job working in the electricity industry and discovered my passion for making jewellery about a year ago. I have always been creative and come from a family full of very talented artisians. I became a registered member of the London assay office at the begining of this year and started sharing my passion with the rest of the world!

I love all crafts not just silversmithing and I have a love of all animals big and small at home I'm kept company by my 4 loveable but very naughty cats, my snakes, 2 geckos and 2 tarantulas.

Tell us a bit about your jewellery

My jewellery started out as a hobby making pieces for myself and gifts for family and friends. When people started asking where I get my jewellery from I decided it was time to jump into the online craft market. Every piece I make is something personal to me, I never make something just for the sake of it. 
I take my inspraition from everything around me the beautiful shapes, textures and colours found in nature are so vauleble to me. If I go out for a walk I will collect leaves, flowers, twigs and generally anything that takes my fancy.
I also love my garden I'm very lucky to have a large south facing garden where I grow flowers, fruits and vegetables often just because I like thier shapes and want to replicate them in silver.

Your recent project

My most recent project is getting to grips with stone setting I have recently made my first piece using dichroic glass I love the way it sparkles and changes colour when light hits it!

Click here for more details

Apart from jewellery I'm working on several sewing projects. I love sewing but have not touched a sewing machine since school! luckily I have a very talented and very paitent friend who is teaching me... although it is like starting from scratch again! 

If you were not an arist, what would you be


ooooo Thats a tough question! there are so many things I would love to do... but I would probably have to pick zoology! I adore animals and think the conservation of endagered speices is very important and something we should all think about... I mean do we really want to be in a position where all we are leaving our children is photographs?
I have a perticular love of snakes I spend half my life trying to help other people that these beautiful, graceful and frankly amazing animals and not just the scary monsters you see in the films.

Thank you!

jeudi 22 mars 2012

Marketing Tips - Etsy

Hello Hello
You may have the most beautiful product in the world but If you keep it at home nobody will ever know about it. Once upon a time before Internet and the online adventure the word of mouth was how artisans, artists,craftspeople used to became "famous" and rich...
Well now days it is exactly the same: the word of mouth is how it works, just the dynamics are slightly different.

To reach people you must use the SOCIAL MEDIA  a lot a lot a lot.

To success you will need 

Need more details?
Just comment this post and I will be more than happy to help out!

Have a nice day

mercredi 21 mars 2012

Looking for Etsy Succes Tips

Hello Hello,
I ve just arrived in Nice at my parents home, well actually not just, I arrived 2 days ago, but my brain just started working properly now, the jet lag effect. It is good to be back to europe I do certainly love australia but I must admit I was defentevely feeling a bit nostalgic.
Plus more important, here I have a FAST internet connection and this does make my life so much more easy. So Ive decided to make the most of my fast internet to improve my blog skills and my Etsy shop.
I need some visibility! I know that my paintings and my fiancés ones are gorgeous the problem is that not enough people are seeing us.
I ve been reading so much about online marketing, Etsy success stories,...
And I ve figured out that it is al about:
1) Good Products 
2) Good Pics 
3) Good Product Descriptions 
5) Online exposure : blog, facebook, twitter 

So from now I will have a lot of work to do on points 2/3/4/5 
My first big change will be to have a proper schedule on my blog.
Voila the schedule:

Mondays : In my Etsy Shop (new products,...)
Tuesdays: My Etsy discoveries (etsy beast team members or others discoveries)
Wednesdays : Etsy seller interview 

Thursdays : Marketing Tips
Friday : Recepy
Saturday: article in italian about something interesting
Sunday: article in french about something interesting

What do you think about it? 
I am really exhited about this new challenge? Have you tried this tips before? 

mercredi 14 mars 2012

Etsy Beautiful Items

Hello Hello
Do you like unique products? Something different, special made with love...
In other words a a one of a kind piece?
Yes. If the answear is yes, then you can classify as a "Rurbanite" a new concept that has just been created for you and people that like us perefer to by at a flee market istead than on hight street shops, prefer organic to supermarkets...etc..
The Good News is that this is the new trend and "handmade" is definetevly the New Black!
Wayt I have more good news...there is a place called Etsy were you can find thousand of handmade and vintage products made with love.It is the world most vibrante online market place !Click here and start shopping now.
Another amazing thing about etsy is that fellow artists and craftpeople don't play it nasty against each other but at the contrary we all help each other to promote and be successfull.
I have recently joined an Etsy team that is all about this (helping each other ) the team is called Etsy Beast team   every week we writ a blog post about one of more tam members...Sounds fantascic no?
And this is1st "Team Post" and I will be talking about 3 amazing shops:
Joyflower  , YankeeBurrowCreation and Patty Dream Designs
They all offer a selection of unique, one of a kind, beautiful hadmade pieces!

Emerald Jacquard Silk Scarf Hand Painted - Joy Flower - Clik here for more details
So classy, a real must have for a modern princess!

Olive Green Lanyard - Patty Dream Designs - Click here for more details
So simple but yet so special! Would be a perfect gift for someone special!

bridal shadow box special orders - YankeeBurrowCreation - Clik here for more details
If you are planning to get married soon, I belive this is a MUST have!
Thank you for your time!
Happy shopping on Etsy!

jeudi 8 mars 2012

8 of March - International Woman's Day

The 8 of March 2012 is  the 101st International Women's Day.
The good news is that 85% of countries have improved the conditions for women in the last 6 years, according to the World Economic Forum, that said equality is still far...
And now 2 interesting facts:
where is the best place to be a woman? A study revealed that it is Iceland (greatest equality between men and woman,taking into account politics, education, employment and health indicators).
The worst according to the same study and criteria being  Yemen.

What about the origin of this celebration?
The origin of the International Woman Day dates back to 1908, when a group of workers of a textile industry in New York strike as a protest against the terrible conditions in which they were forced to work. The strike went on for several days but it was on 8 March that the ownership of the company blocked the exits of the factory, preventing the workers to leave. Among them were many immigrants who were trying to improve their living conditions.  The 8 March assumed global importance over the  time, becoming a symbol of the oppression that women  had to endure throughout the centuries.

And now a videos to wish you a happy woman day and invite you to reflect: