mercredi 21 mars 2012

Looking for Etsy Succes Tips

Hello Hello,
I ve just arrived in Nice at my parents home, well actually not just, I arrived 2 days ago, but my brain just started working properly now, the jet lag effect. It is good to be back to europe I do certainly love australia but I must admit I was defentevely feeling a bit nostalgic.
Plus more important, here I have a FAST internet connection and this does make my life so much more easy. So Ive decided to make the most of my fast internet to improve my blog skills and my Etsy shop.
I need some visibility! I know that my paintings and my fiancés ones are gorgeous the problem is that not enough people are seeing us.
I ve been reading so much about online marketing, Etsy success stories,...
And I ve figured out that it is al about:
1) Good Products 
2) Good Pics 
3) Good Product Descriptions 
5) Online exposure : blog, facebook, twitter 

So from now I will have a lot of work to do on points 2/3/4/5 
My first big change will be to have a proper schedule on my blog.
Voila the schedule:

Mondays : In my Etsy Shop (new products,...)
Tuesdays: My Etsy discoveries (etsy beast team members or others discoveries)
Wednesdays : Etsy seller interview 

Thursdays : Marketing Tips
Friday : Recepy
Saturday: article in italian about something interesting
Sunday: article in french about something interesting

What do you think about it? 
I am really exhited about this new challenge? Have you tried this tips before? 

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