mercredi 28 mars 2012

Best Team Etsy - Spring Journey

Hello Hello,
As some of you may now I am currently on holliday visiting my family in Italy.
I could not have chosen a better time of the year as  Spring is in the air! And it is absoulutely amazing!
The cherry treas are in flower, the sky is blue and different tonalities of green surprise you everywhere you look.
So I ve decieded  dedicate this post to 3 pieces that remind of the colors of spring in italy : white (cherry trea flower) blu (the sky) and green (the nature).
And picked 3 amazing shops from Etsy Best Team Members.
First I ve dicovered this amazing Traditional Hawaiian Shell Vintage earring that you can find only at Redemption art boutique, they remind me so much of cherry blossom! Don't they?

For more details about this one of a kind earings and to discover more unique objects check out now Redemption Art . An Hawaii based seller that gets her inspiration from her surroundings, she says that  Hwaii is such a wonderful place for finding unique collectibles and curiosities. 
Then in my imaginary journey in the colours of spring I left Hawaii for Dakota where I ve discovered another unique shop:  AbsolutelyKismet.
They  offer an amazing choice of  wine glass charms, stitch markers,  hemp, beaded jewellery and much more.
I love each of their pieces but my favourite remains this turquoise bracelet that reminds me of the colour of the sky.

For more details please click here 

Last but not the least I ve discovered Irith from Riorita a gold and silversmith who sells unusual silver and gold jewellery. I love her shop description, Irith the shop owner says that her workshop is located in a small paradise not very far away from the Mediterranean. and that across her working table there is a glass door through which she can see the lawn with trees and sculptures. There are peacocks and geese walking about on that lawn and every once in a while they peep at me curiously through that glass door. What a beautiful way to live and work, isn't it?
I love all of her magical and special objects, but my favourite piece in her shop are this gorgeous pair of earings.

 For more details please click here 

Hope you enjoyed this virtual journey throughout  the colours of spring!
Have a nice day

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Annie a dit…

Lovely! Have a beautiful trip (how could you now?!)

Empty On the Inside
Dough, Dirt & Dye

Joy Light a dit…

Gorgeous choices in the most romantic season of the year!
Enjoy your vacation!


Borettoart a dit…

Thank you! :O)

riorita a dit…

WOW! Italy! I love this country! Visited last year and am planning to go there again on September!
Thank you very much for your wonderful post!

AbsolutelyKismet a dit…

Thank you for showcasing my bracelet!

I visited Italy about ten years ago, staying mostly in Rome. It was so beautiful! I loved it! :)

debbi@yankeeburrowcreations a dit…

such beautiful items you've chosen to share.