lundi 26 mars 2012

From Australia with love - Etsy Seller Blue Jacaranda

Hello, Hello!
Here I am again hosting an interview about a great Etsy seller! 
I have recently discovered BluJacaranda  and I ve instantly fell in love with her artworks, so different elegant and cool!

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Who is behind Blue Jacaranda?

My name is Linda Robertus. I am Dutch, but since 2007 I have been living with my family in Brisbane, Australia. In our first year here I fell in love with the jacaranda trees with their purple flowers. The 'blue' in Blue Jacaranda is a reference to my Dutch background (think Delft Blue) - although I later discovered that the tree is actually called 'Blue Jacaranda'!

I have been making art quilts since 2007 and often use silk screen printed images in my quilts. I enjoyed screen printing so much that I started to do it more and more, and this led to opening my shop, Blue Jacaranda. Here you can find my original designs screen printed on Art Cards, ACEOs (mini art cards) and t-shirts, and stretched on canvas. I also sell some other textile-based items: art quilts, children’s aprons, luggage and gift tags, chalk cloth placemats.

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Tell us about your work process

When I have an idea for a new design I draw it on paper with a Sharpie and scan it into my computer. If I am happy with it, I have it made into a thermofax screen, which I use to screen print the design on fabric. I try to do a screen printing sessions about once a month and usually produce 40-50 prints in one session. They are stretched on canvas and made into Art Cards and ACEOs. I have recently started printing on t-shirts and am thinking about adding other items (onesies, pillow covers, linen bags…)
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Where do you get your ideas from? 

Inspiration is everywhere! My Dutch Houses design is obviously inspired by the architecture in my home country.  My children are a big source of inspiration – my oldest son is a talented gymnast and he has inspired a number of gymnastics quilts and prints. I discovered calligrams (word art drawings) in 2010 while surfing the internet. I tried to draw one myself and was immediately hooked. In the end I designed 26 to make an Alphabet Calligram Quilt for my youngest son!

My latest source of inspiration are used coffee sacks, which I have made into Burlap Coffee Cards, Bookmarks and a Beach Pillow. I love the recycling aspect and plan to add more upcycled items to my shop.

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Apart from creating things what do you do?

I’m quite busy… First of all, I am mama to three beautiful boys (9, 7 and 5 years old) and wife to a wonderful husband. I work part time as a data manager and am a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. My subject is tuberculosis (TB). In the Netherlands I was public health physician specialised in TB Control, but I’m not registered as a doctor in Australia yet. I’m hoping to make my art into a day job in years to come…

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You can discover more about Blu Jacaranda on her virtual shops:

Thank you!

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