mercredi 14 mars 2012

Etsy Beautiful Items

Hello Hello
Do you like unique products? Something different, special made with love...
In other words a a one of a kind piece?
Yes. If the answear is yes, then you can classify as a "Rurbanite" a new concept that has just been created for you and people that like us perefer to by at a flee market istead than on hight street shops, prefer organic to supermarkets...etc..
The Good News is that this is the new trend and "handmade" is definetevly the New Black!
Wayt I have more good news...there is a place called Etsy were you can find thousand of handmade and vintage products made with love.It is the world most vibrante online market place !Click here and start shopping now.
Another amazing thing about etsy is that fellow artists and craftpeople don't play it nasty against each other but at the contrary we all help each other to promote and be successfull.
I have recently joined an Etsy team that is all about this (helping each other ) the team is called Etsy Beast team   every week we writ a blog post about one of more tam members...Sounds fantascic no?
And this is1st "Team Post" and I will be talking about 3 amazing shops:
Joyflower  , YankeeBurrowCreation and Patty Dream Designs
They all offer a selection of unique, one of a kind, beautiful hadmade pieces!

Emerald Jacquard Silk Scarf Hand Painted - Joy Flower - Clik here for more details
So classy, a real must have for a modern princess!

Olive Green Lanyard - Patty Dream Designs - Click here for more details
So simple but yet so special! Would be a perfect gift for someone special!

bridal shadow box special orders - YankeeBurrowCreation - Clik here for more details
If you are planning to get married soon, I belive this is a MUST have!
Thank you for your time!
Happy shopping on Etsy!

7 commentaires:

Joy Light a dit…

Lovely selections, and thank you for highlighting my emerald scarf, it is the same design that I am sending to actress Tori Spelling!


Annie a dit…

Love your choices! So nice to have you on the team!

Dough, Dirt & Dye

pcoe00 a dit…

Thank you for featuring my shop. You did a very nice job writing the article and making each shop unique.

J'adore a dit…

Thank you to all of you for your positive comments!

Tori Spelling is a very lucky girl :O)

Soulmade a dit…

Lovely scarf! Summertime!! :)

Yankee Burrow Creations a dit…

Thank you for this great feature. It's wonderful to have you on our team!

Isobel a dit…

Hello there and bien venue a l'equipe! Loved your choices and look forward to seeing more of your choices. Don't get excited: I know a little French, and this is about one of the few sentences I remember! Great to be with you on the team too.