samedi 16 juin 2012

XU BING – When Dreams come true -

As I child I started to invent a secret written language than no one else could understand except me, It turn out that It was too time consuming and too complicated, but I still vividly remember the excitement that this project had raised in me.
So you can imagine my joy, when as an adult, I discovered that some one had done something very similar, but in a far more magical, intriguing and esthetically wonderful way.

                                   Xu Bing, "Book from the Sky" 1987

This someone is the Chinese artist Xu Bing, among his great artworks, my favorite is : “Book from the Sky (1987)”  an elaborate an fascinating installation.
Xu Bing’s “Book From the Sky” is an installation made of books, scrolls and printed sheets of paper with what seems in appearance “Chinese” texts, in reality he made up 4000 characters that seemed Chinese but were completely made up by him.

You can imagine the confusion and disbelief of the audience.
The delicate subjects here treated are the role of traditional culture in our contemporary world, the trustworthiness of information, and the vainness of life.
The artist consecrated three years working on this mind-blowing project.

                                            Xu Bing, "The Living Word" 2001

Fascinating, no?

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