mardi 26 juin 2012

On the Road Again - the wonderrful treasures of Manly Market

I am a globetrotter that Is no big news, If It was up to me I would just spend my entire life travelling!  But what really excites me when I first visit a city is the general atmosphere, the discovery of small things, the local life, and I could go on a and on…
My general motto could be: “ Be Local think Global”, like try to live as a local in every country, that is my dream !
That is why in this rubric “On the road again” I will try to talk about things that both a local and a tourist could enjoy and describe Sydney trough her liveliness, her Markets and Events.
Today we are going to talk about one of my favorite spots in Sydney: Manly and its markets.
Four years ago I had been accepted to come to Australia to do an intership in a Tour Operator, before caming I asked some of my friends who had already been to Sydney, wich was theyr favourite spot, and most of them all told me: Manly!

So on my firsth week end in Oz still with the jetlag I went to Manly, not only I was not deceived, but ehi how can you resist 18 ocean beaches, greate boutiques, surfers and cool people from all over the world!? The atmosphere is so relaxed, funky , yung and yet classy it is just the perfect place to be.
I love going to Manly on the week ends mainly because of its art and craft market, were I can alwas find some treaures: amazing paintings, handmade jewellery, greate black and white photos, and much more.
The markets is on every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm. And If you go there on a Satyrday morning you can always have a tour at the Farmers Market.

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Yankee Burrow Creations a dit…

traveling is something I enjoy too, but I don't tend to travel far from home. the only 3 places out of the USA that I would like to visit is...Hawaii (yes I know that's part of the USA, but still not within driving distance, lol), Petra in Israel, and the outback of Australia. So thanks for feeding my traveling urge. :~)