jeudi 14 juin 2012

Film Festival - On a crazy ride with Leos Carax

I love Film Festivals in general, I think is the best way to enjoy the very top movies that are happening all over the world, It is a way to dream and reflect and of course escape reality.
The good news is that from the 6 - 17 of June the Sydney Film Festival is happening here in Sydney.
Yesterday I went to see Holy Motors made by  French filmmaker Leos Carax.
It is an amazing movie, rich in colours, music and craziness and contains a  subversive weirdness. A weird mixture of science fiction and surrealism. Holy motors has surprised me and remind me a bit of my favourite movie ever : Mulholland Drive of David Lynch

Follows the Official Movie trailer of Holy Motors:

A famous Hollywood Reporter calls it 'exhilarating, opaque, heartbreaking and completely bonkers.'

Have you seen it?What do you think?

Another Movie that I will suggest seeing is : Marina Abramovic: The artist is Present, I went to see her exhibition in Milan this spring and since I am a HUGE fan!




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