lundi 18 juin 2012

Inside the studio of Debbie from the Smile Emporium / Exciting Recycling

My husband took some time off work and did it as an owner builder. In the process we had the TV ariel off for 3 weeks. While we were never big TV watchers just having it as“ not an option” at night was great. We learnt new skills on the internet. With my interest in recycling and an Aunt who makes lovely hook rugs,I learn how to make toothbrush rugs.
After the roof went on we never put the ariel up again. Four years on we have an adorable little boy,(the older kids are wonderful with him) I’ve learnt how to play the ukulele, make ballon animals, wire wrap jewellery, knit (My mum started me off) make pendants, we read the bible and much more.

My shop The Smile Emporium, goal is “to assist a smile to creep to your face” I try and create items that make people smile. I have a passion for recycling so it’s a major theme in the shop.There is a mix of creations using new and recycled materials. 
Quirky button stuff, National Geographic pictures in cuff links and pendants; birds nest jewellery; coffee cozys; bow tie scarves, aprons with matching chefs hat; rag rugs; and bags.

I’m always looking at peoples clothes and possessions and thinking -How else could I extend the useage of this item in a way that it functions well and looks good. The other part of my process is asking myself questions like, “Will the item potentially be a positive addition to someones life?”. For example aprons encourage creativity and skill building, bags carry our things allowing us to particpate in outings, rugs warm the feet. Buttons remind us that the simple things in life are beautiful. National Geographic pictures in jewellery have an element of recycling and promoting the beauty around us that is to be enjoyed yet treated so others in the future can enjoy it as well.

What handmade means to you? 

Collins English Dictionary says it well.(Clothing, Personal Arts & Crafts / Crafts) made by hand, not by machine, esp with care or craftsmanship.

Recent project

It Is winter so while recovering from Glandular fever knitting scarves has been great.Want to find more about Debbie and her lovely shop visit now her facebook page or her etsy shop.


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