mercredi 13 juin 2012

About us - Etsy

As you might now If you are one of my Blog followers, I am an Etsy Freak, what is Etsy? You don't know? Nooo, you must be joking! It's the largest platform of craft people of the world and It is very very cool even If highly addictive, anyway  they have just, umh, I mean a few days ago published a great article on how to make your shop more attractive by updating your “About”page; so as a good scholar not only I have read the article and updated my profile (click here to check it out now and read our complete interview: who is behind borettoart); but also I ve really enjoyed taking pics of my studio, I ve even pushed the limits a little bit further on and the result is here:

So this is the view of our studio from outside, you can see how messy is the outside I am not sure If I want to show you the inside :O)
As you can see our studio is a cozy granny flat in our backyard surrounded by exotic plants (gum trees and aloe vera). 
The paintings are temporary outside as I am going to start my photo shooting section and I prefer to use natural light!
While I am here having fun taking pictures, my fiance’ is inside working on a beach painting,

click here If you are interested in the final result.

This are our beloved brushes and palette knifes, I did go a bit overboard as I took 20 pictures of them… But had so much fun!

This Is me saying good bye, yes I admit I look a bit like a psyco or as edward scissors hands, but Is meant to be an artistic pic, proof of me multitasking :O)

Hope you enjoyed visiting our studio! 



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