mercredi 13 juin 2012

Yummy Food for a sunny day - Spanokopita

I was feeling a little creative today but did not feel like painting, instead I put my apron on and create heaven on a dish alias a geek style spinach pie called  Spanokopita
This spinach pie is very similar to the turkish burek pastries or to the Italian torta pasqualina also called torta verde a traditional dish from Liguria region, that is one of my favourite dishes ever, and I promise I will give you the recipe in a few weeks, so stay tuned in and you will not be disappointed!
And no ready steady go!


1 bunch of spinach
2 medium onions, finely chopped
4 eggs
1 spoon of salted melted butter (or as much as needed to brush phylo)
1 cup of oil
1 pack of filo dough, defrosted and unrolled
375g of feta cheese
1 table spoon of salt
¼ spoon of pepper
½  leek (in the original recipe you should put scallions)

  • Preheat  the oven at 180
  • Wash very well the spinach
  • In a pan put: a little bit of olive oil, the copped onions, leak and spinach. 
  • Sauté for 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Mix the eggs, oil, salt, pepper until combined.
  • Cut the spinach es in small parts, add feta cheese (cut in cubes) mix togheter then combine the rest. Mix gently until fully combined.
  • Put half of the Phylo pastry package at the bottom of your oven pan, greasing every 2 layers.
  • Spoon the spinach filling over it. Then cover with the other phylo pastry sheets (greasing every 2 layers),
  • Oil the last layer
  • Bake in the oven for 45 minutes at 180, or until top is golden.




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