lundi 25 juin 2012

Interview with Tanya and Dimity from Rosemyn Vintage

Tell me about you and your Etsy Shop

If you love it don't let it slip through your fingers and be gone forever...

Rosemyn Vintage is a mother and daughter partnership. Our etsy store opened in September 2011.
We have handmade jewellery, vintage clothing and accessories, vintage homewares and sewing patterns for sale in our store. We are members of a number of Australian and overseas teams. 

We love making treasuries and feel this is fabulous promotion for our store.
Dimity has been making jewellery for the past seven years. She started when she was 13 years old. A vast majority of pieces that she makes are unique and are made of new and recycled materials. All of them involve lots of love and time.
Tanya helps make the jewellery but is the main person behind the shop front, facebook and other technology.

What hand made and vintage mean for you?
Wouldn't you prefer to be the owner of a OOAK piece whether it be a beautiful handmade piece of jewellery or a vintage fashion treasure that no one else will have, than have some mass produced product. Her grandmother scouts op shops and garage sales for any old jewellery that Dimi can pull apart, mix with other components and upcycle into her own creations. She has been asked to make a number of bespoke pieces for people to wear to special occasions.
My husband and I (Tanya) are building a stone cottage on our property "Rosemyne" which is filled with vintage treasures that we have collected over the years. Anything unusual or rustic appeals to us - we love all things eclectic!

What is your recent project/find/creation?
Most recent creation would be the over-the-top beaded choker necklaces.
We have recently entered one of our shank button creations in shades of silver, purple and grey into a local "Waste Art" competion in the Inverell Shire - we will keep you posted on that one! We are starting a weekly "Find of the week ..." on our Facebook page beginning this week.

Whant to find more about Tanya and Dimity? Visit them on madit or twitter !

Thank you!

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