mercredi 4 avril 2012

Interview with Jennifer Anderson from jmaryleathers

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Interview with Jennifer Anderson from jmaryleathers

Tell us about yourself

I consider myself a simple person, grew up in Colorado and was surrounded by creative people all my life. My brother is an artist himself, but I followed after my mother sewing, crafting and crocheting. I always had the dream to create things, but more recently I took the bull by the horns and did it. I was in the Aveda salon /spa/beauty industry for the past 8 years, and recently moved to Wyoming to a ranch, here it is so easy to have time to work on my craft. After working in downtown Denver for almost 5 years, I really felt the call to remove myself for all the hustle and bustle. A door was truly opened for me and I feel obligated to not let it slip away. Besides that, I have a husband who is an Executive Chef at The Lodge and Spa at Brush Creek Ranch, a boxer named tank, I am the youngest of four and I am obessed with leather.

Tell us about your Etsy shop

My shop is ever evolving. As you can see from it, I include leather in everything I do, besides some of my friendship bracelets. My passion is leather handbags and leather cuffs. I hand dye every cuff I make. I also hand tool some of my leather cuffs for OOAK purposes. Tooling is such an amazing craft that I am slowly but surely learning. I try to make my prices resonable for all, cause I want people to own what I make, not just look at it. I am inspired everyday by Etsy artisans and their creations. I strive for this creativity everyday. 

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Tell us about your latest project

My recent project inlcudes clutch purses for Spring! I have been making alot of medium sized bags, but its all about clutches this season. I also will be adding new spring jewelry to my collections, with softer color schemes. 

What is vintage for you?

Vintage for me is an item that tells a story of the past. It captures a moment in time when things had character and uniqueness. Vintage items have to be old, that just the rule. They also have to capture a trend of an era, I believe. Vintage reminds us where we came from.

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