mardi 17 avril 2012

Etsy Interview with Lynn from AnnieRoseVintage

Tell us about your shop

In my shop AnnieRoseVintage, I sell vintage and upcycled clothing. I've been crafting all of my adult life. My mother and grandmother had a variety of creative talents...sewing, crocheting etc. and although I didn't really entertain my creative self when I was younger, once I got married and had children I found a lot of joy and satisfaction from making things for my children and my home. I love anything vintage, as far as I'm concerned something with a history has so much more value, and being eco conscious is something I'm so much more aware of now. In such a disposable society, I really try to keep things in circulation as long as they are usable in any form or fashion. I love the challenge of taking something old and upcycling, refashioning, embellishing or whatever you prefer to call it, and making something entirely different and desirable with it. THAT part of the creative process is what I love so much! And the finished product of course! 

I have two Etsy shops, I also make jewelry... click here to discover my jewellery.

I've decided to concentrate mainly on and go forward with my AnnieRose brand and when I can, incorporate some of my jewelry into my AnnieRose shop. I find I truly get the most satisfaction from upcycled fashion, so that's where I'm going to concentrate my efforts. My favorite thing to do in my AnnieRose shop is taking vintage slips and gowns and upcycling them into beautiful dresses and tops. Vintage lingerie is one of my favorite things to work with!

What is Vintage for you?
For me vintage is not just about when something was made but about the feelings it evokes. I love things that remind me of things my mother or grandmother would have owned. Things that stir up those nostalgic feelings in me...that's what vintage is about.

Tell us about your latest project?

Here are a couple of recent listings in my AnnieRose shop:

Fore more details click here 

For more details click here

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