vendredi 13 avril 2012

Interview with Etsy seller Katie Louise Leach from KatiesBeadsOfHope

Tell us a little about you
 I am a student who is very familiar with the art of home schooling (whoohoo!) and, being a southern Georgia girl, I am in love with the outdoor world God has blessed us with. Guitar, sports, family, art, and serving my God are just a few things I am interested in :)

Tell us about your Etsy shop
I've been involved with making art ever since I can remember...I really can't say exactly when I picked up my craft making hobby. But I do remember that awesome Christmas morning when I received a HUGE bead kit that jumpstarted my love for higher-quality jewelry making! {The thanks goes to my Aunt and Unlce for that.}. I have been beading and exploring the world of arts and crafts ever since. Soon I discovered Etsy, and here I am! :) At my shop, KatiesBeadsofHope, I sell my artwork to support an orphan girl that I met in India in 2010.

Tell us a bit more about your Beads for hope programme
Katie's Beads of Hope started after I came home from a mission trip the gorgeous country of India. The people there have stolen my heart, especially one girl named Binati. I "sponsor" Binati--meaning I pay for her clothes, her meals, her education, etc. Selling my work is how I do that. Not a penny goes to anyone else--all proceeds go towards providing a better life for Binati!

Your recent project? most recent project would have to be my hand-drawn cards. I love working with abstract designs and color, and it's been so much fun making these!

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