samedi 21 avril 2012

Interview with Etsy seller Corina

Tell us a bit about yourself

Well in a nutshell...I am a blogging, sewing-obsessed, vintage-loving, language-studying, book worm and mom of two who happens to run an etsy shop. I'm interested in a lot of things from languages to string theory. It sounds more impressive than it is, the problem with having this many interests is having a short attention span. I am currently in the middle of three books. I tend to jump from thing to thing, but the only activity I have rarely ever gotten sick of is designing and sewing. 

Tell us a bit about your etsy shop
This is my second Etsy shop and my third label. My first shop, girlispoison, was me still trying to find my style. I have matured since then and now I know what is flattering and what is, for lack of a better word, "me". With this shop I knew I would need an idea that would set it apart from the sea of vintage reproduction sellers here on etsy so I challenged myself to make all my items reversible. I think reversible clothing will become more common in the future as people look for ways to save space, money and reduce thier impact on the environment. Having a garment that does double duty also gives you more choices and who doesn't want that? I draft all my own patterns from scratch by the way. (I get that question a lot.) I wasn't formally trained. I am for the most part self-taught and always researching new techniques.

Your recent project
Just yesterday I drafted my first pair of reversible shorts. I don't have pictures yet, but when I do I'll be posting them on my blog: Other than that custom orders keep me pretty busy. I have 13 waiting right now! The success of this clothing label has been really surprising to me since my other two projects never really took off.

What is vintage for you
Vintage for me is anything from the early 80's downward. I hear some people calling 90s vintage which is odd to me because I witnessed it firsthand. I guess it depends on your age. I love all eras of fashion. I can find inspiration in almost anything. My favorite eras right now are 1930s through the 1960s, although some 70s disco styles have been catching my attention lately.

Any special offer?

 I'm doing a giveaway on my facebook page? I do a giveaway every 100 new likes.

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