jeudi 5 juillet 2012

New In my shop: Cute Small Artworks - Original Painting on Canvas

I do not know why but I ve always been quite obsessed with small things: as a child my favourite toys where matchbox dolls, when I went to sky instead of the normal sky I always wanted the mini ones, then when I decided to do some needle work I opted for crochet instead of knitting. And now It seems to have cached me up even in my artworks...
I ve recently been working more and more on small sizes the result are this amazing one of a kind little works of art.

The painting (13 x 13cm)  is made with true emotions and lots of passion, a a palette knife and a few brushes. The main color is gold (gold liefe) and it has an amazing texture!
The gold liefe also gives the painting a posh and sophisticated allure.

It will make one of a kind gift and also would be a  great conversation piece. Because it is co cute!

For more details click here

Hope you like it

2 commentaires:

Yankee Burrow Creations a dit…

I love the looks wonderful!

Reverse Clothing a dit…

I agree the colors are great. You have some talent I could never do stuff like this, especially on such a tiny canvas.