mardi 3 juillet 2012

Yuppy - I ve made it to Etsy First Page - Sydney's Hidden Treasures

Since I ve opened my Etsy shop I ve been dreaming to manage to be featured on Etsy first page, and finally that dream has come true!
I do not know If It will bring me more customers but certainly It proves that I am doing the right thing! That all my efforts where not vain!

I am so happy!
The painting that has been featured is one of my favourite artworks: a Hot Air Baloom Painting inspired by a fairytale my mum used to tell me as a child .

It has been feauterd with other local items from Sydney Australia in an amazing treasury called Sydney's Hidden Treasury.

click here to discover the other Sydney 's Hidden Treasures

click here for more details about this original artwork 

And now let me give you a few tips, on what I think it takes to make it to the 1st page:
  • Good Products
  • Greate Pics
  • Interesting Description
  • Pertinent Tags
  • A bit of luck

A big thank you to Topaz who picked my item!

Thank you



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