lundi 6 février 2012


Just to let you know that I ve decided to finally take this blog seriously, so you are going to hear a lot from me from no on :O)
But this blog is not only about me, at  the contrary this Blog is mostly about YOU , I would love to hear your feed back!
I ve recently joined a fantastic Etsy Team : BESTeam - Boosting Etsy Shops Team - this team provides marketing support for each others', so each of us will be writing weekly features on our blogs.
I find this fantastic.
I ve decided tho dedicate my first post to DeeDeeDzyn an amazing shop of uunique hand made joullery.
My favourite piece in her shop is the Arabian Night Beaded Necklace. I absolutely love this piece, just by looking at the pics so many images came to my mind, the fantastic tales of 1000 and 1 nights, the colors and the perfumes of dreams...

"A dramatic handmade beaded necklace with beads in shades of red, from cherry red to ruby red, interspersed with black and gold accents and with an unusual pendant. The gold metal pendant is rectangular in shape and features a design in red and black. The round glass beads have stripes of reds, white and silver. Spherical black and gold faceted beads combine with the other elements to create an effect which is both unique and stunning. It is a perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe. It is 14 inches in length and has a toggle clasp"

3 commentaires:

our home to yours a dit…

How wonderful! I love this necklace. Welcome to the team.

Joy Light a dit…

Welcome to the team, I'm enjoying your blog! Especially the beauty treatments!


J'adore a dit…

Thank you so much for the support!
I love bothh your blogs!
I am eally exhited about this new team!