samedi 25 février 2012

Who's behind Borettoart?

Who's behind Borettoart?

An artist in love with color and a dreamer in love with art
Together we are a couple who lives of their passion.
Let's start with the usual, how did you get into art? Could you say that you was born as an artist?
S: I guess so . I grow up in a family of artists, surrounded by paintings, sculptures and drawings...
But never really took it seriously until I moved to Australia. It is actually only in Australia that realized that I could actually live from my passion.

L: People always have reffered to me s "an artist" but it is only after meeting my fiance' that I really quit my 9-5 h job and dedicated totally to my passion.
Tell us about your work process. Where do you get your ideas from? Is it hard?

S: Most of the time I get ideas while I am driving... Don't know why but that is the way it is.

L: Mostly in my dreams.
Have you ever had a creative block? If yes what do you do in that case?
L: umh umh, and I don't like put an end to them I go for a swim. lister to music, have a walk on the beach, cook home made pasta (I am italian) and then again...go for a swim, listen to music, have a walk on the beach, cook,...
S: Ask the genie inside the lamp to help me out.
What everyday thing you can not live without?

L: coffe & hugs (I am tryng to quit smoking...
S: coffe & cigarettes (not the movie, the real thing)

If you were not an arist, what would you be?

L: Super Hero or a cartoon caracter

S: Singer, I still practice everyday under the shower.
Tell me more about your art?

L: Our paintings are a jungle were you ca easily get lost and dream, wordless poems of love, an invitation to escape reality and travel with your imagination.

I spend ours looking for the perfect image for y original collages, it has to inspire me, I have to imagne a story, It has to be full of emotions.
S: I paint with a palette knife this technique allows me to give a beautiful texture to my paintings. We believe that art should be accessible to everybody, an we try our besth to keep our price affordable. We are both passionate about what we do, but what makes us really happy it is our cusomers feed back, the smile on theyr faces when they buy a painting or a "thank you so much" email.

Because at the end of the day, what is art if not sharing?
Your recent project?

We believe art should be accesible to everybody and that is whay we have just launched a new line of products: 7x 10" fineart prints for only 30$
Where can we find your products?
S: In our home - studio if it is not too messy

L: on out Etsy shop, on our website and of course on facebook.

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Joy Light a dit…

Lovely insights to a creative couple!
A pleasure to read and become inspired!


J'adore a dit…

Thank you Joy!