dimanche 12 février 2012

Addio Whitney - We will always love you

On the eve of the Grammy Awards, the music world has to say goodbye to Whitney Houston, fragile queen of pop.
The singer and actress has died at the age of 48 in circumstances that remain unclear.

Born August 9, 1963 in New Jersey  Whitney Houston bore within herself the seed of music: she was the goddaughter of the great Aretha Fraklin.
Her career was very fast: the intensity and depth of her voice brought her in 1986 at the age of 23 to win the Grammy, that was the beginning of a very bright career.
Her popularity was also confirmed on the big screen with the movie "The Bodyguard", where the singer starred alongside Kevin Costner, her bodyguard. The soundtrack of the movie "I will always love you" was a real hit, with 45 million copies sold.
But unfortunatly, her life was not that easy, she struggled getting over her failed marriage and began taking drugs.
I just wanted to say good by to this extaordinary singer.
Addio Whitney - We will always love you.

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