dimanche 5 août 2012

Inside Australia's largest & most exciting international festival of contemporary art

I am going to spend the next two weeks visiting the Sydney Biennale, the most exciting art festival of Australia.
 The popular Cockatoo Island is used as a site for the 3rdevent running, as is Pier 2/3, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW), and a new addition: Carriageworks.  
Tomorrow will start my discovery, but today I did my first virtual tour on the net and fell in love with this two artists, so I decided to share some details with you:

  Tiffany Sing - Knock On The Sky Listen To The Sound, 2011

Tiffany Singh’s philosophies and practice encompass influences as varied as modernism, eastern and western spiritual beliefs, Jungian psychology and ancient cultures. With Maori, Indian and Pacific Island decent, her cultural diversity enables her to draw from the many pools of knowledge, philosophy and mythology.

Cecilia Vicuña, Born 1948 in Santiago, Chile, Quipu austral 2012

Lives and works in New York, USA 
In the Andes, people did not write, they wove meaning into textiles and knotted cords. Five thousand years ago they created the quipu or knot, a poem in space, a way to remember, involving the body and the cosmos at once, a tactile, spatial metaphor for the union of all. The quipu, and its virtual counterpart, the ceque – a system of sightlines connecting all communities in the Andes – were banished after the Conquest. Quipus were burnt, but the vision of interconnectivity endures underground. Cecilia Vicuña began making quipus in the 1960s as an act of poetic resistance. She created a ‘quipu that remembers nothing’, an empty cord to hear the earth listening to us.

Amazing wright? Have you visited the Biennale yet? Any Tips?
By the way  the Biennale is FREE and is on from till 16 Sept.
For more details click here 


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