mardi 1 mai 2012

Interview with Etsy Seler Amber from thesetinytreasures

Tell us a little about yourself

I am a stay at home Mom of 4 wonderful children. Three of my children are girls and we love to imagine and dream together. This is how the Fairy Dust in my shop came about.

Tell us a bit about your shop

I have Fairy Dust and crochet items mostly for sale in my shop. I originally thought my shop would go a different direction, but I love the direction it is taking. Its so fun to see it evolve.

Your latest project?My most recent projects were actually requests from customers. I love custom orders and creating. It leads to other items in my shop! Here are the most recent items:

                                                             click here fo more details

                                                      click here for more details

What would you do If you were not an artist?If I wasn't creating I think I would still be a stay at home mom. I love it. One day I would love to go back to school and get my bachelors degree (I have an associates). In what?! I'm not quite sure. Still have a little while to think about it though!

2 commentaires:

Yankee Burrow Creations a dit…

those butterflies are so cute.

Amber a dit…

Thank you for featuring me on your blog!